Upload Files to Tasks or Projects

Managing a project, sometimes you need to attach a few dozens of files or file versions, and you want to do it fast. In Casual, you can upload files from your computer as well as from the external sources. Let’s see how much value you can get out of this feature.

Upload files to tasks

Uploading files is a convenient way of sharing visual or graphical information with the team members within the project.

You can upload files from your computer or other file sharing systems such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or OneDrive. However, the files you upload from other sources will stay on the initial servers. We will simply save the links, which means that if you delete a file in a file-sharing system the link you post on Casual won’t work, and we won’t know that you deleted the original file.

Nice thing to remember that you can see an icon showing how many files are uploaded for a task on the canvas.

Upload files to projects

All the files uploaded you can see in the Files Tab. Also, you can upload files to the whole project by uploading files straight to the Files Tab.

Searching through files is easy too! Type in a name of the file you are searching for in a Search box and it will pop out.