Search, Sort and Filter Projects by Category

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions on how to filter projects, so I’ve decided to explain how to do this by creating different categories.

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Sure, sorting loads of different projects can be quite complicated, especially if you’re trying to multitask and work on several projects at the same time. That’s when creating categories can help you manage and locate a particular project in just a few clicks.

Creating Categories

The great thing about this feature is that you can create all different kinds of categories. For example, use generic categories such as Design, Marketing or Sales for marking the actual steps involved in the project. Or you can create categories such as Active or On Hold to monitor your project status.

Follow these simple steps to create categories:

alt text

  • Open the Projects tab on your Workspace;
  • Click on the gear icon and then select Manage categories;
  • Click on the ’+’ button, make as many categories as you’d like, and add titles one at a time.

Once you’ve finished adding categories, check the box in the right-hand corner of the category line. Category labels will be displayed in a row, one by one, starting with the first one you added.

Assigning Categories to Projects

When you’re done adding categories, assign them to projects:

  • Open the Projects tab on your Workspace;
  • Pick the category you want to assign to a project;
  • Left-click on the category and hold while dragging the label to the project.

Alternatively, you can assign categories in UI mode.

alt text

Keep in mind that you can assign up to 2 categories per project. For instance, you can have Marketing and On Hold.

Now that you have labeled each project, searching, sorting and filtering them will be much easier.