Get Your Task Prioritized For You

This week we continue to talk about Casual’s interesting features. Today’s topic is an automatic task prioritization. It’s one of the most useful features to save a lot of time and drastically reduce the number of failures.

Check out how it works:

1. Create the project plan and distribute tasks among the executors.

project plan

2. Casual automatically generates a task list, where everything is sorted in the right order for each team member.

No magic involved. Casual simply analyzes the existing sequences created by causal relationships (action A triggers action B and so on) and their position on the plan.

task lists

Voila, you now have tasks from your list sorted in the optimal order for execution.

Important note: the lists are dynamic. Once you update the visual plan, task lists will update automatically as well.

3. Task lists are categorized into:

  • Done
  • Open
  • Closed


As our visual plan includes task statuses, Casual not only creates the task list but keeps you focused on what needs to be done right now as well.

As a result, once you craft a visual plan on Casual, you get a ready-to-use, prioritized task list for all team members. Further, Casual leads you through the project, updating tasks lists and constantly focusing you on what needs to be done right now.

happy team

Here’s how this neat feature will make your whole team happier:

  1. The Manager is happy as he no longer wastes time on constant task prioritization and monitoring the team to execute everything in the correct order.
  2. Team members are now focused on things to be done right now. They spend less time figuring out what to do and more time on the job itself. Besides, they now see who their tasks dependent on and who depends on them.