Copy and Paste Your Tasks

Copy and Paste — one feature we would like to tell you a bit more about. Did you know that you can copy parts of certain projects, as well as clone whole projects?


For example, you can select an already existing group of tasks, copy, and then paste it into a different project. Also, you can select a few tasks that you repeat often and place them within a project a few times.

That way you save a lot of time you would have spent on ‘recycling’ similar projects. You can even start planning projects, just like you’re doing a puzzle by putting together separate pieces from different projects.

How does it work? Like always, it’s easy as pie!

Select the tasks you want to copy by pressing Ctrl. Then right-click on the mouse and select Copy. After that choose where you’d like to place those tasks by selecting Paste.


You can copy and paste tasks within one or multiple projects.

Take a look at what our user Olga had to say about this feature:

This is probably the most interesting option. In Casual I can clone not only the entire project but also I can copy specific parts. This is a very useful feature. For example, I take a group of tasks of ‘Long sales for product x’ project and copy it to another project, e.g. long sales for a different product.