Project Snapshots

We’d like to introduce a series of articles on the things you might not know about Casual. First off, we’ll start with our Project Snapshot feature.


Did you know that you can generate a webpage with your project plan?

Just like this one:

It not only looks cool, but it’s a good way to show your project to those who you don’t want to register on Casual (like your boss, clients or partners).

Note: this snapshot is interactive, meaning you can open task groups, read notes and scroll down and zoom in on your plan.

Some of our customers who use this feature told us about the wow-factor it has during project presentations :)


But, we think that just a link might be a bit … boring. In fact, snapshots can be embedded into your web-site or blog. It’s the easiest way to share your process with the world :)

Like here:

Note that this snapshot doesn’t update automatically. It shows the project status at the moment when you create a snapshot.

You might ask: how can I create such snapshots?

As always, it’s easy :)

Press the share button and choose “Share snapshot” option.


You can choose different options for this snapshot: show just the plain process or the execution status and performers’ photos (and their deadlines), too.