Switching pricing plan

All you need to do is to pick another pricing plan. You can access the Subscription Management screen by clicking on your name in the toolbar and then selecting My Subscription.

When you change your plan in the middle of a prepaid period, our billing system will take that into account. If you upgrade to a more expensive plan, you will be charged only the difference between the plans. If you downgrade to a cheaper plan, the difference will be placed on your credit account in our system. Your credit account will be used to fund your next payments until it is depleted.

You can switch your pricing plan at any time!

FYI. Please note that if you upgrade your plan at the very end of the prepaid period, the price difference may appear to be just a couple of cents. In many cases, it is impossible to charge credit cards for such a tiny amount, so our system may tell you that your card has been declined. In that case, just try again the next day.