Discovering Performance Mode

Performance mode helps you focus more on the project's implementation and user management rather than on its planning

There are two icons at the top right corner of a Project Plan. The one with three bars is called Performance Mode, while the one with two is called Project Plan view. 

You can switch between the two different modes by switching between the icons.

It has three columns: People, Tasks, and Task details

People. Here you can choose which tasks you want to see (your own and/or your colleagues’ tasks). Also, you can take a look at all the tasks for a project by selecting All tasks at the bottom of the list.

Tasks. People’s tasks will be displayed in the second column. It shows completed, current, and future tasks.

Task details. You can see task details, such as the deadline, the assigned performer, uploaded relevant files, comments, and changes that have been made to the project in the third column.

Also, you can see and navigate the tasks that are  blocked by taking a look at the upper part of the column.

Learn more about Performance mode in this short tutorial: