Cloning projects

Cloning projects is a handy feature for those of us who have repeatable projects.

Let's say you need to create a copy of a whole project where the same performers are assigned to the same tasks that take approximately the same amount of time to complete. This takes a lot of time unless you Clone the project. Once you clone the project, you get a project template with rough deadlines.

Clone a project

  • Go to your Workspace; 
  • Choose the project you want to Clone; 
  • Move your cursor over to the top right corner of the title until the spanner icon appears; 
  • Click it and select Clone. 

Select Clone and then name your project, set categories, and describe your project in the new tab.

Assigning the same executors

You can assign the same performers to identical tasks in your new, cloned project. Simply check the Assign the same executor's box on cloned tasks.

Setting deadlines

You can set a project’s Start Date at the beginning of the Project Plan. A new Start Date and task deadlines will be set relative to the Start Date for the original project. So, if your last task for the initial project has a deadline of May 21st, the first task for the cloned project will be May 22nd.

Learn how to Clone in this short video: