Uploading files

Uploading files is a convenient way of sharing your thoughts with the team members within the project. 

Uploading files onto the server

You need to upload files from your computer to upload files onto the Casual server, which will make your information more secure.

Uploading files from a file sharing system

You can upload files from other file sharing systems such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or OneDrive; however, these files will stay on the initial servers. We will simply save the links. This means that if you delete a file in a file sharing system the link you post on Casual won't work, and we won't know that you deleted the original file.

Uploading files for a task

  • Select a task;
  • Go to Task Details on the left sidebar and click Upload file;
  • Select the source where your file is located;
  • Click 'x' to Delete it. 

You can see an icon showing how many files are uploaded for a task on the canvas. You can also make notesadd commentsassign executorsset deadlines and complete tasks in Task Details. 

Uploading files for a project 

  • Click Files on the top toolbar of the app; 
  • Press Upload file button and select the source where is your file located;
  • Click 'x' to Delete it. 

You can see all the files uploaded for each task in the Files Tab. You can also search for files by typing the file's name in the search box.