Setting categories

You can group projects by making categories for them.

How do I make categories for projects?

  • Open Projects tab within your Workspace;
  • Click on the gear icon, and then select Manage categories;
  • Click on the '+' button, make as many categories as you’d like, and add titles one at a time.

Check the box in the right corner of the category line once you’ve finished adding categories. Your categories will be displayed in a row one by one, starting with the first one you added.

Just keep in mind that you can make up to two categories per project.

How can I add categories to a project?

  • Open the Projects tab within your Workspace;
  • Pick the category you want to set for the project;
  • Left-click on the category and hold while dragging it to the project.

How can I delete categories?

  • Open the Projects tab within your Workspace;
  • Move your cursor over to the top right corner of the project screen until the spanner icon appears;
  • Click on it, select Edit, and simply press the 'x' sign on the category.