What are user roles in Casual?

Each user in Casual has been assigned a role within the Workspace, which defines their permissions. Also, project roles define permissions on the per-project level.

Roles in Workspace

Leaders manage the Workspace. They create and manage projects & team members. Leaders can also see team members’ Overview page. Leaders can change people’s roles within a project and edit/delete projects for good. 

The Owner is a Leader who has access to workspace billing settings and, therefore, can manage Subscriptions. Each Workspace has only one Owner. Nobody can remove owners from their Workspace.

Participants may create projects or participate in other users’ projects. They can also view their own Overview page.

Spectators can only participate in projects. 

Roles in projects

Owners/Leaders in projects can be considered project managers. They manage the team and modify the project plan by managing tasks. They can assign any task to anyone.

Participants cannot edit tasks but can mark them complete or leave comments. Participants can "self-assign" tasks.

Spectators can only view projects they’ve been invited to observe and make comments.