Inviting users to Workspace

Invited users are actual users who use Casual via the web or the mobile app. They are included in your subscription plan. Account owners and leaders are able to invite other users into the workspace.

Team member placeholders are people that don’t use the application; however, you can still track their activities for them. You can add placeholders for users without inviting them to join your Workspace. You can invite as many placeholders as you want since they are not considered full-fledged users. You won't be billed for them.   

You can invite a person to your Workspace in a few simple steps: 

  • Switch to the People tab in your Workspace;
  • Click Invite new users and then enter the e-mail addresses of people you'd like to invite.

Don't forget to select a user’s role, but keep in mind that you can always change it in the future, if need be.  

FYI. Spectators are free users. They can follow the project’s progress, but they can’t change anything. 

Learn how to add users in Casual in this short video: