Grouping tasks

Grouping tasks is a great way to break complex tasks into smaller ones.

You can group tasks in the following ways: 

  • Press  and hold Ctrl/Cmd while selecting the area of tasks you want to group, then right-click and press Group selection
  • Select multiple tasks by holding Ctrl/Cmd and either draw a selection frame or click on tasks one by one. 
  • Click Group tasks on the toolbar or Group selection in the context menu. 

  • Create a blank group — create a task and convert it to a group by right-clicking on the task and selecting Convert to Group.
  • Drag tasks into it — you can do it either by opening a group window and then dragging tasks from the main canvas or by dragging tasks over to the group of tasks, waiting a second for it to open and then dropping tasks.

You can always ungroup tasks if you change your mind.