Creating a workflow

On Casual, you get to create visual workflows that consist of tasks that depend on each other.

Create tasks on the canvas and build up dependencies between them to build your workflow.

Creating dependencies among existing tasks: 

  • Move your cursor over to the bottom of the first task;
  • Drag an arrow icon down to the second task.

Creating a new task that is dependent on an existing task: 

  • Move your cursor over to the bottom of an existing task;
  • Drag the arrow icon and drop its end anywhere on the canvas; a new task will appear and a dependency between the two will be created automatically.

On Casual, tasks are arranged from top to bottom. You build up a workflow by creating dependencies between tasks. If you have a complex task then simply break it into smaller ones. You can always create a  Task Group

A visual workflow is designed to:

  • Make a Project Plan from scratch; 
  • Track progress made on a project;
  • Manage your team & set the deadlines.   

You can plan your first project after you get the idea of a workflow.